My Love for You

I am awake when night turns into day.
I see the moon shine and the sun rise till the stars disappear.
The twinkle in your eyes will never die till I close my eyes
And accept that a new day has come.

I am afraid to close my eyes
Because when I wake, today will be a new day.
It will be a day with new breath and new life.

What I knew yesterday has changed.
I want to hold on to memories.
Because I am afraid to forget you.

I want to hold on to your breath.
So that when I wake I can feel it across my neck.
I want to capture your smile in a million frames.
So that I can show the world what my heart looks like.

The smiles that you tattooed on my heart.
I know what happiness feels like.
I’ll stay awake to preserve my love till eternity.
I want forever, I’m afraid that, that one moment with you was never enough.

That moment where I looked you in the eye and you looked back in mine,
It took me a second to realise that we are the Mastermind.
You and I…
The mirror never lied.

I am Kopano Destiny Kapa on facebook

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