Month: October 2018

At Peace

When there is finally nothing holding you back When your thoughts of yesterday are finally a thing of yesterday When today brings you more joy by each passing moment When you realize that who you and what you have is greater than that of your wishes When you can face tomorrow with an open heart …

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A Man

I have never been a better man but a man I am My ways of life have taken me through strides and miles Never actually knowing my direction still moving on The future with no visibility the drive with plenty power I met, came across, touched and lived with the kind and the ruthless My …

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Dear Heart

You didn’t fail me. Even when you saw the road was long… When I was taking journeys to my past so I can find the road to my future. Even when you saw the walls collapsing around you. Even when in prayer -bathed in clouds of Incense, sage and vogue. Even when you longed for …

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Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story about ladybugs on fingertips. A grasshopper rested on my arm. The softest slightest rain in May. Tell me a story of synchronised heartbeats. A mother and a son laughing on a Sunday afternoon. A story of a dream and destiny being realised. Tell me a story where a miracle is seen. …

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We are all damaged Goods. Bruised and Abused. By Hurried, Harsh, Hungry Hands. Of people forgetting, To be just that much more careful. Follow me on twitter @KeituReid