An Open Letter to Him

In my dreams we holding hands, not much is said to explain our love for each other because that we master through our actions.

In my dreams the only time we spend apart is the time we away on work… Time with the guys in or the girls but we always rush back to each other cause time away from one another is not like magnets sensing each other… No time is enough with you by my side. I get mad at you and i still want to lay my head next to yours while I calm down to a realization that my love for you exceeds the strength of my pride.

I love you and in my dreams I see a couch in our front porch.
Friday evenings after work we get take away food, munchies and beverages spend our evenings there debating, sharing our past experiences and our hopes and dreams… Just like we did in the past.

In my dreams our children grow up to build what they saw their mother help their father build a family filled with love and happiness.

I wake up and reminded that dreams can never be real unless dreamt by visionaries.
I wake up with a necessary pride of a woman, massaging my hopeful heart with acceptance, securing my confidence with the love she has for me…

I find joy in the time and love you still able to give and receive from me.

This letter is from a friend who chose to share her dreams and how she overcomes them with reality… With a friend.

Friendly regards.

I am Margaret Dimakatso Khoza on facebook

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