Lost girl in a full world.

You are not of this world. You are not for this time. You are not for this place. You have been put in the house where your tongue has been ripped out and your soul shattered to shreds.

You did not ask for this. You did not ask to become a martyr to the people whose lashes barely touch at the mention of your name. You did not ask to be a staple of what happens when God’s ink dries out. You did not ask for this prison and yet you have been bred and nutured in this cell.

Lost girl, we see your pain. We see the tides of pain and despair behind your pupils. We see the waves of fear and confusion in your movements. We know that you do not belong.

Lost girl, perhaps you did come to save us. Perhaps you came to stand out so we could stand together. Perhaps you’ve been sent to show us the horizon beyond our selfish gazes.

Or perhaps, you have been chosen to carry this burden. Perhaps it was decided that you would be the stranger amongst friends.

Perhaps you were created so that you could be with us wherever we go, continuously haunting us long after the dreams have faded and the nightmares have ended.

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