Why I Am Still Single

I am single cause you are taken
I am single cause I won’t be mistaken

Single cause of all these social laws
Single cause I have not perfected my flaws

I’m single cause you are looking for perfection
I’m single for the same reason why you won’t mention

The reason why you want to know why I’m single is to mingle
On that note will you listen to my honesty to why I’m single?

Well sit down listen to my story though I swear it won’t bring me glory.
I am single cause I failed to be faithful to you

Single cause I thought I had you and it was just us two
I am single cause I lied every time about my life

I kept things away cause I thought the truth was tough
Single cause I disappointed you and cheated

Single to date cause some of my mistakes I repeated
I am single cause we were afraid to stay committed

Single cause all the real feelings we omitted
Each day I walk with my head low, eyes fixed to the ground

Single cause when I walk about my shame won’t let me look around
I think I have lost the ability to put together a few simple words

I am single it’s like I have deliberately removed my vocal cords
Single cause I still have mistakes I haven’t forgiven myself for

Single for you walked out and closed that only door
I am single as it’s not me you looking for

Single cause now I fear to put my cards on the floor
I am single cause even a Saint has no pure core

Single cause rather than I you deserve so much more…
These are just a few statements that have kept me single Do you know why I am single…

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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