Why Are We Dying from Depression?

There is something stupidly wrong with the world that we’re being killed by depression. I’m not saying dying from depression is stupid but what ever it is that’s happening in the world that makes this so prevalent is stupid. 

People go on struggling with depression without showing a single sign. Some come out and say it but in their worst you could never tell what they’re going through. I know people who are depressed and I’ve seen many in their worst forms. And they went unnoticed to alot of other people supposedly close to them. It’s such an easy illness to hide. Depressed people don’t generally want it to be known that they are depressed. Even those who are open about their condition, when they’re at rock bottom, you could never know. The notion “check on your depressed friends” is as helpful as giving an antibiotic for a sore toe. It does not work. That smile followed by “I’m good man, life’s great” comes so naturally that only a very few and very close would be able to see when there’s something wrong. This does not even happen often. 

I say again, there’s something stupidly wrong with the world that we’re being killed by depression. What ever it is, I wish I knew. But I know for sure that many of us are constantly persecuted for the wrongs we do far more than we get praises for the right. There’s so much competition in the world that people are more concerned about being ahead than getting there together. We care more about our own achievements that we can’t even let others shine when their turn comes. We’re a prople of “me, myself and I” far more than we are about “we, ourselves and us”. Pride always gets in the way of forgiveness, and what sucks is the person who does not forgive goes into a bigger turmoil struggling to let go of pain than the person they’re trying to “punish”. Our support structures are often one sided and quite often conditional. The biggest of our problems, and not exhaustive is that we hold on to pain, we self persecute and struggle to forgive ourselves. Even when we are forgiven. We can’t let go of our wrongs. We hurt and are addicted to the pain. We place ourselves in far more pressure than the world expects. We claim ourselves as failures when we fall and don’t get up to carry on the journey. We self harm emotionally and carry a burden which we don’t have to. 

It’s a painful situation, a complete mess and it’s only getting worse. This thing that’s stupidly wrong with the world needs to somehow be rectified. I honestly wish I could say I know how. But I don’t. Hopefully someday we’ll have the answers, and somehow make it through this.

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