The Meaning of Life (And its meaninglessness)

(i) Poem.

Life is a contact sport of two sexes exploring each other’s natures,A tragedy in waiting, delayed by time and cultures.

It is a state of forgetting; an amnesia of vile vultures.

March to your doom accompanied by drum-songs, what makes you human, and vacant statures.Because to you and your fellas: life will use the ever-famished grounds to unclip your feathers.

(ii) Its explanation:

1. Life is about sex (reproduction is the main purpose of life: to sustain ourselves as human species). But some use it as a sport — which is wrong.

2. “A tragedy in waiting — delayed by time and cultures”, implies how we are slowly reaching our dates of dying (tragedy) because everybody’s lives ends up tragic, and in the meantime, whilst we’re waiting for that tragedy we have “time” (ie) lifetime which kind of delays our death-dates and cultures (music, food, art, fashion, courts, politics etc — all that constitute to “human activities”) to keep us entertained.

3. “March to your doom” don’t be afraid of death, play music to ease that death-phobia, “What makes you human” meaning your secondary purpose in life, use it to stabilise your fear of death and heck … to enjoy life.

4. “It is a state of forgetting…” this refers to the concept of reincarnation that when we’re born we automatically forget totally about our past lives. We are forgetful beings. We forget majority of things that means a lot to us.

5. “an amnesia of vile vultures” …means that only failed souls (which here is likened to “vultures” ) are reincarnated — no pure conscious soul returns to this realm.

6. The last line refers to: no matter what you do, everybody (your friends, foes, families … basically everybody) will end up dying.

(iii). Additional information on the topic. Life has no meaning. All meaning was fabricated by humans to entertain and excuse themselves from the meaninglessness of life that comes with potent boredom. We’ve created meaning for life; from sex positions, drugs, deities we follow and worship, politics, war, relationships, money, media, cultures to music and other forms of art.

Death is a great forgetting and with its amnesia we shall forget everything, even ourselves (ever heard of ‘we won’t know each other in heaven?’, that’s the amnesia by death). If life has no meaning and all meaning that humans can come-up with are done for themselves by themselves and has nothing to do with life in itself then why are we here?  Are we here to live off other people’s meanings?

Jean Paul Satre talked about existentialism but his theoretical flaw was he condoned people to create their own meanings in life but those meanings aren’t natural — can’t never be natural and that makes me conclude them to be mere voluntary illusions or sins. If we knew the depths of life to know its core meaning then we could find so-called purposes.

I shall not be confided and constrained by the parameters of man-made meanings in this life. Wait, what is life? The electrical pulse in my body? These senses? Life doesn’t exist as a unified entity at first to try and unravel its deep-seated meaning. Life is; whatever your meaning of it is.
Some people feel more alive in killing, in sex, masochistic acts, praying, meditating, horseriding, dick-riding, some feel more alive when they’re dying (the twins: life and death happily playing interchanging sports).

My ancestors told me ” … tlogela go bua ka pelo ngwanaka”, I understand them — they weren’t bitten by the Philosophy bug that’ll make you slit your throat because you failed to extract the meaning of life. But our offsprings give us momentarily reasons to look after them, perhaps they can crack the code of life’s meaning. Morbidity makes total sense!

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