The Language of a Broken Heart

You want to know why…
I give love everything I got and whatever else love chooses to want.

I am a lover for love a Devine sequence spread with equilibrium I offer love.
It is a binding sequence to the One above and form un swindled emotion.

Steady and ready always with no fear of destruction for it lives in everything Takes a human life form to show you it’s complete feature of perfection.
In the midst of all the things in and around me I scream out your name so loud I hope you can hear me.
My heart aches most of the time cause I just want to hear from you but I can only assume your silent distance means I am not worthy to be a part of you or your thoughts or you are trying as hard as I am to forget we ever existed in one another.

“You will heal” they say. I am too broke to comprehend the pain that surges through my heart and along the paths of circulation and back to the source, My Heart.
“I want to get better” I tell myself.

Can I show a smile that covers no pain but shows a love and care beyond compare.
Will I ever let go or is it only when you become a non-existant factor will my mind and heart unite to make new ways.

I am afraid to cut you out cause all I want is YOU back, regardless of yesterday.
I couldn’t give you the world and be perfect at your feet yet I gave all my heart could from what I learnt in you and there was still room to learn and give more.

I can’t unlearn what love has thought me but I despise what fear harth brought unto me.
I feel everything I want to feel still all thoughts or feelings unreal creep in and cripple what little strength of hope I have, are you gone away for good?

My heart is heavy, my soul is empty and my mind is a never ending maze, for this I may seem crazy.
I want to believe that I am a full failure for love, loving unconditionally and having no space to store pain, negativity and misunderstanding just wishing and always seeing the good in all and all but I am no failure cause I love the man I am always regardless of the world’s theory.

I miss you love, I miss you my love.I wear my heart on a sleeve, it will easily be found and damaged What you don’t know in this revealed pain is what I have abled and managed.
So what you thought I am weak that your attention is all I seek The truth is out there for everyone to alter a speak, so does it make me a freak.

KES, your heart has found another seat I know it is clean and neat While my heart hits the same old beat it pounds away following the rhythm of my feet.
Some say I am too easy, give away everything so easily Well I say my heart ain’t greedy and who shall find it cold and sleazy.

I let it speak the language of love cause even when broken there’s still a chapter above.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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