Modimo Ntate Thusa Hle

Ke nale ngwana, oki moratang go fitisa dintho tsohle lifasing le…

She fulfills my heart!

She makes me smile

She makes me feel whole again

“magwane mpulele ke nnela ke pulaaaa”

A song she started singing after hearing me her mamma sing it…

Oh i thank God for my daughter is a singer

Oh my daughter… an apple does not fall far from a tree


I will be a good role model to her… 

She will be a go getter just like her mamma

She will be an ambitious teen

She’ll follow her dream.

She will set her own goals

She will learn from her foals

She is my baby girl

A reproduction of me…


“mommy! Mommy!”

The sound of her sweet voice is remedy to the scars in my heart

A hug from her is a boost of energy for life

Oh Lord I thank you for my daughter.



Otlisa lethabo pilong yaka! 

Kerapela asa tswana leba ke ba bonang strateng…

I am talking about the ones that have put their friends first and families last

I am talking about the ones that have made corruption their daily bread

Their careers an option.


Oh Dimpho tsame kea di leboha

Ke di rata gofitisa dintho tse tsohle lefaseng

Let it be she that will heal the sick

Let it be she that will be recognized for her hard work

Oh ngwanaka hle

ha enne yena a tlosang banna strateng

Ha enne yena atlo humana balatlehileng


Modimo Ntate thusa hle

Protect my child from the jealous

Protect her from corruption

Protect this Gift of mine as I am far from home please God keep her happy and safe…

Modimo Ntate thusa hle


Again I thank you for my daughter a gift from heaven.

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