I’m Your Canvas

When I came to you I was a blank slate
You were the food that was to decorate my plate
With your brushes and colors you had a right to paint what you like

You painted what you wished the world to see regardless the stake
Then when you thought done you released me for the world to see

I took my design and showed off with so much pride
I displayed it openly but soon learned the world used me as a ride
With my glorified colors I found myself still so dull

My lines and shapes they were all so blah blah
How do I now stand here and pretend I am all that and more

I looked for you everywhere cause without that brush I am unfinished
My search was fruitless like only black and white I am tarnished

So I took my faded art to the closet to retain what was left
A stranger came along pulled me out and hung an an antique craft

Every morning the sun beamed upon me it’s warming light
Like children with crayons as they passed me by each scribbled a mark

Uncomfortable at first I still was more easy being in the dark
No one gave up just me and still the world touched me ever so much

Soon my colors started to glow like the morning light they gave a punch
I was your canvas, now the world is mine…
Will you handle my strokes of colour!

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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