Dirty Laundry

When I first got you, you smelt, felt and looked brand new
Always on me like the ink on a page, taking me on a world stageYou stayed fresh while trending on mankinds lips
Made the scenes when everybody thought you were for keepsI remember how you made me shine when everything was made up

No one knew my name then no one cared then.Then I watched you start to fade, like the sun overhead I lost my shade
Slowly you started to dull out, your language not so smooth no more
At first it was little margins I thought would disappear but the lines got thicker.

It became hard to look at you, you had become a turn off.
Soiled daily I couldn’t keep you on me no longer, had to break free before I became you.

The world was starring cause of the shame and hurt you weighed upon me
Everywhere I went there you were, covered in filth and exposing my flaws.
I take back today who I am and no more shall you be presidence
I release the anchor you have cast down to hold me and keep me at bay.

See my white sails fill in the wind as I glide with pride full thrust ahead
You are no longer a shame I shall bear for that laundry I have cast in the dirt basket.

The pedestal I once put you on so highly acclaimed is MINE, I own my right to be clean
I will be remembered for far more than all the blame and my throne title I shall claim

For dirty laundry you are my past and no more my source of fame.

I am Zwelethu Dzimba on facebook

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