Yours, Mine and the Truth

“In life you can never please everybody. Sometimes you may not matter as much to the people who matter a lot to you and they won’t love you as much as you love them or they might not even love you at all.Believe the love you are shown, not the love you hear and if you do find one who truly loves you, you should value them and show them how much you appreciate them.

Show them how worthy they are of love and what they mean to you.It’s easy to let someone into your heart and make them a part of your life but, it’s even easier for them when you need them most, to reject you and let themselves out without regret or considering you, they joy they take away from you and the tears and pain they leave behind with you.

Maybe you are just that thing they settled for at that moment! Well, such is life, my friend!To some, you will be an important factor but, to others you will be an option or a bridge for a season because your purpose in their life will no longer count. You might be paying a price for the mistakes of others or being punished/victimized for a past you were not a part of.

You are just like an innocent by-stander getting struck by a stray bullet!You may offer somebody shelter from the storm but, in return, they may not want you at all or welcome you when the sun shines their way.

In our pursuit of happiness, we sometimes run further away from it by pushing those who care about us away and no matter how vivid you try to make your presence in somebody’s life, they will not see themselves through your eyes and when you lend a shoulder, your whole arm might get torn off.

It’s like the more you want the best for others and ignore their flaws and all, is the more they see the worst in you, whether they say it or not and that eventually leads to you being dispensable or easy to replace. As they say, “YOU CAN CHANGE THE FRAME BUT, THE PICTURE REMAINS THE SAME”, Just like promises are made but, not always kept…

People may not live up to what they portray and try to hide their insecurities and feelings of inadequacy by doing things to fit in or please others and they hurt others along the way in order to lift themselves up and feel in control or feel as if they take charge.

Love may cheat you or cheat on you but, you believe in it so you forgive and despite the deceit, you still trust and smile when you should be ashamed because you let love do you that way when you should’ve been using the right side of your brain. You went the extra mile when you should have given an inch or less.

Hey! Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, it just happened… Experiences may draw you closer or make you attached but, you might still get completely shut out and thrown away into oblivion while you linger in pain and heartache. You may try to help someone get a heavy load off their back but, they might turn and see you as the burden…It’s the simplest and smallest things that count, so think about the type of memories you create and leave with people because those memories might hold them hostage”.


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