What I Learned From My Last Relationship

It taught me the importance of chemistry outside of sweet talking each other and flirting, but connecting easily on any subject, whether deep or lighthearted, just like a friendship.

It emphasized the acknowledgment of the other person’s feelings without being defensive, and not dragging things when there has been an apology. I learned not to be on a relationship with anyone who makes you feel uneasy or who has mysterious ways you’re unsettled about.

I’m still learning this on my own – it taught me the art of not always trying to be in control of circumstances and outcomes because no matter how much you fear, if life is to take a certain road it will not ask permission, you just need to embrace that journey and learn new ways to your destiny.

I learned that love is truly a verb and that you may be with someone who’s not as verbally generous with the words, “I love you,” because their love language is different to yours, but you will know from how they treat you. From how they speak to you to how they listen to you.

I learned that in order to get the best out of someone, you need to give them the best of yourself. I discovered the peace that comes with someone who trusts you even in their absence and that motivated me to always want to live up to that honor.

I learned that the depth of love is sometimes determined by how easy it will be to give up certain behaviors and habits when they are a disadvantage to the growth of the relationship.

I learned that it’s truly okay to be friends first and discover each other without the masks of trying to impress or score points for the sake of dating. I learned to love and be loved the right way right to the end.

And being the one who was brave enough to end things with someone I had always been afraid to lose, it taught me that I have the power to confront and live through the pains of my worst fears and come out okay because time will always heal you with new phases and experiences.

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