Day 23 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 23

The Journey of My Hair

My late mother used to have our hair short and then in December we would get braids in our hair.
I didn’t like my hair being short but I never had the kind of hair that survived the whole relaxer thing. My hair was too hard when not relaxed but ultra thin when relaxed.

Anyways the December before my mom died I had braids and when a close family member dies then we are supposed to cut our hair. I was sad. My braids would be cut off with my hair. I never got to see how long it was.

I was not at all happy about it but I had no choice.

When my parents took over taking care of me they hated relaxer and said I should not relax my hair.

It angered me.
Relaxed hair made my hair more manageable. This was at a time when natural hair products were not widely known of.

Needless to say I endured some hard hair moments. I did defy my parents once and got James’ gf to relax my hair.

That was the last time though cos the chemical smelled bad and my scalp got burned. So I negotiated with my parents that I would not relax my hair provided that they would give me the money for me to do my hair. They agreed so for a while I would get braids done.

Come high school I decided I wanted to get dreadlocks… So in November 2006 I went to the salon to get my locs started. That year we went to Durban on a family vacation and I swam and my hair hadn’t locked and some of it came undone but that didn’t deter me on my mission.

I grew my locs and have been dreadlocked ever since.

In 2008 for my matric dance I decided to have braids put in and styled for the dance and it was very awesome but that was the last time I did braids.

Over the years I have had many dreadlocks styles. Some I loved. Others I tolerated.

I am at the point on my hair journey where I realise that hair can grow back and that I don’t have to be afraid to experiment with my hair.

It took me years to get to the point of actually dyeing my hair.

When I did dye it… I hated how my locs were thinner.

But I loved the colours.

I absolutely love love love my hair and I am grateful that I have dreadlocks.

It has been quite the journey.


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