Day 22 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 22


The Love for Reading


When I was young I heard my mother talk about a cousin of hers that loved reading so much that she would read in the loo as well. I was just there listening in as the adults were conversing to one another and paying no attention to me. My mother seemed to be in awe of her cousin and that made me decide to become a reader so that she could speak about me in the same tones of admiration.


So I would read any and everything.


I still remember the first book I ever read that didn’t have pictures and on my own and it was What Katy Did…


I don’t recall what it was about and whether it was any good. I read it at a time when I didn’t really know how to read and comprehend English. But I finished it.



From then on, books became an escape.


I still remember how I went to my friend, Aimee’s house and I saw her Harry Potter book and I picked it up and started reading and I was hooked. She lent me all three of her Harry Potter books and I devoured them.


I would read into the night.


Books were my escape.


Especially fiction. That was my favourite because it allowed for real escapism as it was not trapped in the confines of reality.


I have loved books and reading since then.


If there is a good book that has captured my attention, I get into to it so much that I even have dreams about it and the things that happen to the characters affect me deeply.


I love reading and what it has done for me in my life.


I am very grateful to have found the love in the written form.





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