Day 21 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 21

Student Sponsorship Program

I don’t like to assume that everyone reads my long essays that have come to be a thing with this particular round of Gratitude Days.

I always feel the need to include a back story to all my “what I am grateful for” updates, especially this time around because for some reason that is how they have chosen to manifest.

I work 12hour shifts that can sometimes become 13hour shifts so when I am at work at times I cannot post my gratitude posts BUT I am in competition by myself so that is fine.

Anyways, the point is that some days I may post three posts in order to ensure that I am up to date with my 91days.

Back to Day 21…

When I was 12years old or so, my two friends and I were chosen to apply for this bursary that was known as the Student Sponsorship Program. We went and went through the whole process.

Through that process is how I actually ended up being cared for by Carl and Marilynn (my parents).

SSP gave us so much and me in particular.

Our SSP coordinator Ms De Wet was a truly remarkable womxn who ensured that we were always included in activities.

I remember going to Cape Town for the Round Square conference the one year as a result as well as Ubombo and many other opportunities.

She really was an incredible person and made it possible that SSP girls at the college got a boarding house so that factors such as long distance traveling were minimised.

SSP is such an amazing program.

I was mentored by two people while I was there and still have a great love for one of my mentors.

I still dream of one day driving a BMW 1series because of my mentor, Dionne.

Honestly. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the program and I always vowed that I would one day give back to it and I believe that the time has come for me to do that.

I am absolutely sure that if it hadn’t been for SSP my life would not be where it is.

They gave me stability and a solid foundation by “forcing” my parents into legalising our relationship,
They provided me with a great opportunity to attend St Stithians Girls College
They provided me with a glimpse into how other people live
They gave me so so much
And for that I will forever be grateful.

No amount of money can ever be enough to quantify how much SSP did for me.


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