Day 19 – Day 91 of Gratitude

Day 19

My ability to surround myself with amazing people

I believe that you attract that which you are, or wish to be and that is why I have the friends that I have.

I have friends that teach varying lessons on life.

Friends that have different views to my own but whom I trust implicitly.

I have different levels of friends and these friends fulfil different needs for me and I believe that I do the same.

I have always made friends easily and I am a loyal friend as well such that I would never betray your trust even if the friendship dissolves. We were on good terms when you confided in me so it would never feel right for me to divulge things told to me during the good times when we are now having a fall out.

I would rather be a fool than to do that.

So I am really grateful for my friends 😍🤩😁🤗🤗😊😊


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