Day 18 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 18


My Intelligence


For as long as I can remember, I have always been aware of how smart I am. At some point in primary school someone tried to invalidate my smartness by alluding to the fact that the only reason I am smart is because I was raised by white people.


This baffled me and actually made me angry but then I realised that the person was jealous of my smartness that in order to “put me in my place” he had to resort to saying that about me.


I know that I am smart but with that I am also hardworking.

I tend to grasp things and information relatively easily but I also make it a point that I really look deeper into the things I come across.


It is the reason why whenever I get an interesting case at work I will want to know what the name of it is and I will then educate myself through Googling it and asking the doctors with whom I work what it is all about.


It is one of the reasons that I miss the faves because when they were around, I was able to do follow up about the patients and they never got tired of imparting knowledge with me.


My desire to know more is one of the things I love about myself.


I can accept that things are as they are for only so long and then one day the curiosity will have me wanting to find out about it.


So my brain is definitely something that I adore about myself and I showcase my intellectual abilities through the way in which I interact with others.


I am grateful that the powers that be (God/Mother Nature/Ancestors /Higher Power etc) saw it fit that they give me the brain that I have.


I am smart. And I know it.


I refuse to be modest about that.


And I am smart enough to know that I don’t know everything but am always willing to learn 😋😊😉.


So brain, you are awesome and I am in awe of YOU.







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