Day 17 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 17


The Day I finally “Made It”


At 15years of age, I thought I had it all figured out. I wanted to one day become a doctor and the hopes being to one day become a paediatrician.

My life choices from then were all geared towards that final goal.


Come end of grade 9 when we had to make subject choices and I chose to do the sciences, biology, core mathematics all with the end goal being towards studying medicine.


I think I have shared my story of what happened and how terribly difficult it was for me to let go of a dream that I had had for so long but that dream that I had had was costing me myself and I decided at 21 that my happiness mattered more.

Of course I didn’t know what the future held and I felt like the biggest failure at this life thing because I had always excelled in life where education is concerned.


So there I was, re-evaluating my life and deciding that my need for happiness was greater than the dream.

Being as fortunate to have been given the parents that I was, I went home, spoke to them and they heard me and my happiness was just as important to them.


I recently spoke to my mom about that time (August 2018 actually) and she said that she and my dad would lie in bed worried about me because they could see that there was something missing inside myself.


I started nursing in 2013 and the clinical facilitators or the lecturers that we had for our practicals were so motivating to such an extent that they drove me to have a goal for myself to be in the top 10 that year, which I managed to do.


Nursing was no walk in the park.

It was riddled with various challenges.

Juggling theoretical studies as well as the practical skills was not always easy.

Time just never felt enough during those four years.


Third year was the most difficult for me academically and I felt its toll.


Fourth year was just jam packed with a lot because I had finally decided that I should try this whole being an SRC member thing, thus piling on the responsibilities.


And so when I wrote my final exam in 2016, I knew that I was done being a student nurse.


May 2017, was the day that it all culminated in me having my 15minutes of fame and walking across the stage as a graduate.


I had finally Made it.


I was so proud of myself for my achievement and I was also sad that my biological mother was not physically present nor was my adoptive father but I was so happy to have my best friend, Lindi, my mom and her close friend Marie-Luise present on that day.


The Day I graduated was one of the highlights of my life.


It was a day of which I was immensely proud.


That feeling is a feeling I would love to experience a few times over.


I am proud to be a graduate.





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