Day 16 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 16




I have always alluded to the fact that I had amazing teachers when I was a learner up to when I was a student.


I can remember as far back as when I was 9years old when I had teachers that cared, genuinely, for my well being.


I was what many like to term a “teacher’s pet” obviously this was always said in a way that is meant to be demeaning but the way I am made I didn’t really care about that.


Teachers became the people that I trusted the most.

They were the people whom I knew I could rely on to help me one way or another.


And this was put to test when one day, when I was in grade 5 I think, I broke down and spoke about all the abuse I had endured.

My teachers pulled together and they got together to make it possible for me to see someone.


One of the teachers would take me to the Randburg Police station where I saw the psychologist there and after my session she would go and drop me off at home.


They told me that I would one day be someone great and that it was a pleasure to have had me to teach.


Whenever I was going through terrible times, I knew that their loving hugs were always ready and waiting for me.


I was myself at school because of the teachers who taught me.


In College I got attached to certain lecturers as well and they were also a big influence on my life one way or another.


When I lost my dad in October 2014, the lecturers showed me so much love and care and even though I was going through that loss, I felt like I was loved and cared for. The number of them that gave me hugs and spoke to me about how the times were going to be tough but I would get through it all were really helpful and I appreciated being held.


I remember after my Ward Round and I had been so nervous and during feedback my lecturer told me that my nerves were a lot and she spoke to me about that as well as life in general and how to conquer that.


I have always been encouraged by those that have taught me.


They were my strength when I was weak.

My victories were shared with them.

My opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the country were as a result of them seeing the great potential that is in me.

My parents became my parents because of them.


I have always felt that the way I was treated has contributed a great deal towards the way that I treat others.


I appreciate each and every single one of the people that taught me and I know that a large part of who I am can be attributed to the way in which they treated me.


I have been so fortunate to have had such wonderful people in my life.


And for that, I am eternally grateful.





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