Day 13 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 13

Working with Babies


Oh my word…


I cannot even begin to describe the amount of love I have for my job due to the fact that I get to work with my favourite humans who also happen to be some of the smallest beings ever.


The storyteller in me cannot tell tales of my gratitude without starting from somewhere.


January 2017, we were asked to choose where do we wanna go and work and I wanted so badly to go and work in Paeds Oncology (the ward with children with cancer as well as other diseases such as sickle cell anaemia). I wanted it so bad but before we could even write our motivational letters of where we wanted to work, we were told that we also need to choose based on the department rather than the actual ward in which we wished to work.


I put down the Paeds Onc ward, paediatric department or the Psychiatric ward. Those were my three options.


I received my desired Paediatric department but was placed in a neonatal unit. This decision was sort of made on my behalf by my friend who happened to be present with our department matron and so it was that I would be working in the transitional unit.


I hadn’t really heard much about this place and so I knew very little about it.


The Clinical Coordinator asked who would be working there and she flat out told us that it has a high turnover of patients even though it is a small unit.


I was apprehensive but I love babies and so I was also happy.


After a couple of weeks of being placed in that unit, I was in love with the little ones.


My hands have touched so many babies.

My heart has been touched by so many babies.


At first the microprems are really scary because they look so fragile but they are always a marvel because at 465 to 999g a person can be fully formed in terms of their physical appearance. Everything is complete and formed.

That is what amazed me.

And watching them in the nests busy behaving as though they are still in-utero would have me watching with amazement and joy.


My job is one that has brought me unimaginable joy.


I have absolutely adored working with these tiny little humans who remind me that if they can fight and thrive when the odds are often against them, then what more me who has been given so much??


My job is a great source of happiness for me.

Especially the clients with whom I work.


I would not change anything about my placement. The lessons I have learned from working with such special humans are going to be utilised greatly in future.


Therefore I am very grateful that life led me to working in TU – The Royal Butterfly Kingdom.

Neonatal Casualty





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