Day 12 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 12
Born to Lead

Often there are conversations that exist around whether people are born leaders or they are made to be leaders.

I think that there is truth in both statements in that maybe some people are born leaders and this shows from when they are young and others they may become leaders at a later stage due to having acquired certain skills through various means that leads to them being leaders.

I believe I was born a leader and I think I base this on the fact that as far back as I can remember, I have always taken leadership of situations.

Through various sectors in my life, there was always that element of leadership that followed me.

Memories that are most vivid to me are those that happened when I was around 8years old onwards, those that happened before that age are so fragmented that I cannot for sure determine whether they ever happened or not.

So when I was in primary school I was a leader in various ways from being class captain to being a member of scholar patrol and eventually becoming a prefect in grade 7.

In high school I was a member of the ExCo due to the fact that I was House Captain.

In College I was a member of the Executive Committee once more as the General Secretary.

I mention the instances when I was a visible leader because that’s when my leadership was on most display but there are other instances when I was a leader such as in first year when I was Group 1 Group Leader as selected by the members of the group to such an extent that Whitney still refers to me as Group Leader.

Even to this very day, I am a leader.

I am now the youngest member of our team at work, by age and experience but both members of my team know that I have got their backs and I get things done.

I am that type of person who always strives to make things easier for myself and others and so I am constantly thinking of ways to achieve this and so this then leads to various documents coming to light.

I am aware that I can only do so much.

I also have this thing where I will come up with ideas and execute them but will always include others in them so that it is a collaborative effort. I have this thing where I can rally people to helping me achieve some of the things that need to get done.

This is probably why I enjoy being in my particular shift because I work with people who are receptive to my ideas and help me to bring them to life.

So I am grateful that I was somehow given these leadership qualities and that I have accepted that this is the type of person that I am.

At times it is not easy because of the way others may perceive you and label you as bossy and all of it but I have learned that as long as things are kept going, the rest matters not.

I have been so fortunate to have been surrounded by people who have also noticed these things about me and have made it possible for me to occupy various positions where my leadership is made visible.


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