Day: October 23, 2018

Dear Heart

You didn’t fail me. Even when you saw the road was long… When I was taking journeys to my past so I can find the road to my future. Even when you saw the walls collapsing around you. Even when in prayer -bathed in clouds of Incense, sage and vogue. Even when you longed for …

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Tell Me A Story

Tell me a story about ladybugs on fingertips. A grasshopper rested on my arm. The softest slightest rain in May. Tell me a story of synchronised heartbeats. A mother and a son laughing on a Sunday afternoon. A story of a dream and destiny being realised. Tell me a story where a miracle is seen. …

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We are all damaged Goods. Bruised and Abused. By Hurried, Harsh, Hungry Hands. Of people forgetting, To be just that much more careful. Follow me on twitter @KeituReid