What You Never Knew


It feels kinda funny for me to write this to you now. Somehow I expected you to have seen it then, but you never did.

When I first saw you I believed so much that I was not the kind of person you would fall for – but you did.

We had the most amazing chemistry between us and something in me broke.

What broke was not my heart. Maybe in a kinda good way it broke.

My heart broke and love gushed out of it like I never knew existed before. 

When I saw you cry in pain I wished so much I could take it away. But I could not and I failed you.

Then one day I realized that I had chosen to love you but your heart already belonged to another.

I wonder if I ever had your heart or maybe I had your excitement of the idea of us being something new and different.

I remember one day looking at you while slept and thought to myself: I could spend the rest of my life with this woman.

There is something I denied all the time that we were together while everybody else saw it as clear as day light.

Like the hand that came and wrote MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN on the wall, so was our relationship. 

The writing was on the wall that our days were numbered and our relationship found wanting and that our union would be separated and our hearts given to others.

What you never knew is that I had already given myself to you. That like the Christ, you were my bride for whom I was ready to lay down my life. You rejected the gift and now someone else enjoys it.

What I never knew was that you were never mine.

What you never knew is that you could have let me go much sooner.


What you never knew does not matter now because you are happy in his arms.

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