The Essence of My Being

At the heart of it all,
I stand alone,
Stripped of all accessories,
Not a stitch of clothing covers any part of me.

I stand there,
Baring all.

I’m in a great big field
Surrounded by greenery
I’m the only contrast.

As I stand there
I find myself wondering what it is I have to offer.

And the answer comes easily.
That’s all I have to offer.

And i’m not at all shy or ashamed cos what II offer is the essence of my being.

Whether flawed or not…
It is something that is genuinely me.

I cannot offer the material goods that I have acquired over the years…
They serve me not.

And in a world of nothingness that shall forever remain because my essence is so pure, so beautiful so perfectly imperfect.

I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha on facebook

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