Moving Past

I just want to move past this “I like you but you don’t know” stage
I wanna be in the “let’s see each other again”

I wanna go to the holding hands and kissing in public
The having dinner dates and movie nights
Walks in the park and amusement parks

I wanna have the arguments and making up
Misunderstandings and getting to know each other
The I hate you’s and I love you too’s

I wanna sleep in your arms and see your face first thing in the morning

I wanna miss you knowing you’re mine

I wanna know the look in your eyes when you look down at me is genuine

I wanna know I’m yours
I always thought I wanted all that

But when you made love to me last night I felt it
I longed for it

Your kisses and your touch felt like I needed it

And as you got me higher and higher into your ecstasy

I realized one true thing…
I don’t want or need all of those things at all

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