Living on Borrowed Time

We are here, merely for a “short” time, a few years to make life something worthwhile.

A few years to touch those around us enough for them to miss us when we are gone. I refuse to believe that any of us go through life without having some form of an impact on those we encounter in our lives.

No matter how short a meeting is, no matter how long the stay may be.
I remember a time when life seemed like the most hardest thing to do, a time when light was too bright to actually handle.

I am sometimes amazed at having gone through all that and being able to say that, yebo, I went through a dark time and I got out of it slightly damaged but not beyond repair.

So then you get to live, you get a second chance.
Get out of your funk; move on one day at a time. But now and again, something will trigger the memories you so desperately want hidden away.

You want to forget it all but something; a smell, a sound, a particular way in which the sun enters the window, and you are transported right back. Weird because you had thought that, THAT period of time was long gone.

I withdraw.I get lost in thought. The day passes me by without knowing what I was doing and where was I as it went by. Leaving me feeling like I lost time because I could not capture it fully as I was not really present.

That’s the kind of thing that really makes me wonder about the way we deal with death, makes me wonder if there is a better way to go about it all.

Or is it something so intensely personal that each has to find their own way of dealing and even then it is not guaranteed that it will be successful?

Anyways, I have been meaning to write for quite some time now, but found myself ignoring the urge. I feel slightly better now.

Every time I hear about a death, it reminds me that I am not quite sure how long I have on this earth, how much time is left, how much of what I hope for will be possible in THIS lifetime.

I am reminded about how I am merely a visitor for a specified period.

Therapy is found inside myself when I am able to write down my thoughts and ideas. It has helped me before and, as yet, has not failed me. I hope it never will.

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