Book Review: Iyanla Vantzant’s Yesterday I Cried

This self-help book takes you on a journey with Rhonda throughout all her experiences in life from when she was a child ’til she reaches adulthood. It is written in such a way that you also get sucked into her experiences, and it makes you also reflect on the lessons you learn, have learned and continue to learn from life.

There are many lessons highlighted in this book such as letting go of the past, dealing with the loss of a loved one and loving yourself. By looking at all the lessons highlighted in the book emphasis is made on celebrating all the lessons life has to offer a person through living and loving. Whether our experiences are negative or positive there is a lesson to be learnt and in some instances we keep making the same mistakes and through that there eventually comes a time where we realise what lesson we had to learn in that particular phase in life.

At whatever point you are in your life as you this book certain chapters will appeal to you. The chapters that stood out to me were chapter 9 and 10. In actual fact Chapter 9 (Engaging in Self-Destructive Behaviour) had me in tears and made me realise why this book’s title is called Yesterday, I cried. It is okay to cry as you let go of hurt and pain, it’s a cleansing process from deep within.

An interesting read, had me in awe and reflecting about my life. Will definitely read it again as another lesson will stand out according to my life experience.

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