Book Review: Imaculee Ilibagiza’s Left to Tell

The Rwandan Genocide in 1994 did not only change the political state of the country but it also destroyed and took away lives of many of its citizens.Immaculee was a young girl when the Rwanadan genocide took place.She tells a story of her childhood/teenage years, her relationship with her family and how the genocide destroyed her live simply because she belonged to a tribed known as the Tutsis who were the target of the genocide.Tutsis were victims of the genocide because the Hutu tribe felt they were more deserving to reside in the country then Tutsis.

Tutsi women were brutally raped, babbies were killed, dead bodies lay on the streets like ants,the hatred that was present was indescribable. Immaculee’s family was killed and she was hidden by a Hutu priests with 8 other women in toilet, a space even 1 person is unable to live in. The only thing that kept her going was faith.

Faith is very central in this book and it is one of the main……Immaculee highlights the role faith played in her survival,how it was the only thing that kept her going and how it strengthened her relationship with God.

Besides the human brutality, the betrayal and the inhuminity humans displayed towrds each other,Not only does this book brings you into Immaculee’s world but it also gives the reader an insight and understanding of the Rwanda culture and the how the genocide began.Embark on a journey that will change your view of faith.Truly this book is a must read.

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