I Went There

I put aside all I knew about myself,
removed me from the equation,
decided that I would no longer go in with apprehension.

I would attempt to let go,
Let it be,
and see where that would lead to.

I had no expectations,
but hopes were birthed.
Inside me lay the wishes of something different.

I knew that I had to be different too.
Had to “throw caution to the wind” and say
Let’s see where this will lead…

I let you in with everything in me.
Introduced you to those near and dear to me.

I loved you with a fervor that sometimes left me breathless.
I thought to myself this is IT.

It does not get better than this.

I went there.
with YOU
Because I believed in an US.

I believed in the stuff that romance novels and movies are famous for:
The hearts, the sparks, fireworks and all
I still believe in it.
I still believe in US.

I still wish for us the best.
I keep the faith.
Cos love should be cherished.

Differences should be worked out
A middle ground has to be found.
So with you, I will go there again and again.

Even when sometimes I hurt so much that I want to remove my heart for a few minutes to ease the unbearable pain.

Because the joy I feel each and every time I see you is enough for me.
The love that flows from me when I see you…that is what keeps me going.

Can we “went there” together?
Can I not be the only one feeling this way?
Can you reciprocate?
And if you cannot, would you tell me, so you can set me free…

I went there.
and, sometimes, I forget that I have been there a few times before…

I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha o facebook

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