I am haunted by your big eyes as they look at me imploringly.
There is agreat sadness with which you look at me but your look fills me with hope somehow.

You seem to be harbouring such great wisdom in that small little frame of yours.
It’s as though you do not speak for words are too limiting.

It’s all about actions with you.
You show your gratitude and frustration in that same way.

I am haunted by thoughts of you.
I try to not think about you although I cannot get you out of my mind.

When I met you, it was as though something inside me unravelled.
I felt as though I was peeled off layer by layer and freshly exposed, raw and easily pained.

I could not help but madly love and be in awe of you.
Your resilient spirit makes me believe in a higher power.

You have been given so much to deal with in such a short space of time.
Barely two, and already you are going through things that most people may never go through in their lifetime.

You teach me compassion, empathy, love, care, and so much more.
Although I visit to bring joy to you, I have realised that I derive so much more joy from the visits than you may.

I wish you thrive,
I wish you a long life.
I see such greatness in you.
You inspire me to be a better being.

I am a better person because I met you.
Little Michelle, if I had the means I would take you and have you as my own.

That’s how strongly I feel about you. I pray, send positive messages out to the universe for you.

Although your stay in hospital has been a lengthy one, know that you have touched so many people.
I am glad I got to meet such an amazing soul.

I am Thandeka Jwaha on facebook

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