Forbidden Love

I love you with a love that’s forbidden, yet I can’t stop.
You make me feel like no man has ever made me feel before, with just a look I swoon.

I dream of your arms around me, your lips on mine.
When you look at me my soul shudders with joy.
My heart skips a beat.

In my dreams I am sexy to you and there’s no end to the pleasure I can give you.
I am loving you with a soft gentle love that would shake you to the core.

In my dreams I feel you near me, around me, in me.
I want to love you openly without fear or reservation, but this is a forbidden love, so I hide it, keep it in secret and love you only in my dreams.

For only in my dreams am I acceptable to you, only in my dreams can my fantasies be realized.
I love you!

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