Death Letter

If given the opportunity to write one this is what I’d like to put in mine…
And no this is not a suicide note…
Nor is it meant to scare you…
Just something that had to be done and I listen to my inner voice when it speaks…

Dear beloved,
It was a good journey that I enjoyed while I was here.
The laughs and the tears that we shared.

I made terrible mistakes; did things that I’m not particularly proud of and did things that I later came to regret.

I leave you with my journals for you to understand who I truly was.
Some entries are elaborate, while others are only a few lines long.
I hope you don’t grieve too long for me.
Remember me…
BUT do not forget to live your life.

All my worldly belongings and material things are really not important. Do whatever you see fit to and with them.
Tell my kids that I love them dearly,
Tell my parents that they were truly God-sent.

I wont hold it against you if you don’t visit my place of rest.
Don’t bother with the flowers either.
If you must buy flowers, buy them for your home in memory of me.

I’m only a thought away.
Any time you need to feel me near you just think of me and I’ll be there.
Don’t be angry that I had to leave you.
Try to understand that this is the course my life took and that my purpose had finally been fulfilled.

Play the songs that comfort you even the ones that remind you of me.
If you’re going to cry, cry not because you have lost me, but rather because you’ll miss my silliness.

Remember that I loved you in life and I’ll love you in death too.

Do well in everything you embark on.

Spend more time doing the things that you love.

And please, and this be my most important request, laugh at least three times a day.

Even if it hurts to laugh, laugh anyway.
Laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh.

Goodbye to you and everyone else that I leave behind.

Til we meet again for our paths will intersect one day.
I love you!

I am Thandeka TJ Jwaha on facebook

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