Barbii and Can

Dear Ken
I feel neglected by you, of late. You really know how to make a *>$m@ feel like one. So you know, I met someone by the name of “Can” and he has shown me that I CAN.

Dear Barbie,
I am taken aback by your accusations. Ever since I met you all I ever wanted to do was keep you smiling. Make it such a permanent feature until you get dimples. All I wanna do is keep you happy. Have you on a natural high such that you inspire those around you. All I wanna do is keep you content. Have you so fulfilled you never have to complain. All I wanna do is keep you secure. Give you confidence in me such that you never doubt my commitment.

All I wanna do is love you. You are a self-disciplined, Self-respecting, Self-preserving, In-your-own-skin comfortable woman. You can be anyone you want. Could I ask you to openly appreciate my strengths and secretly accept my flaws?
Could I ask you to stay with me?
Eternally Yours,

You good with words, smooth operator for sure. But I’m sure I’ve heard it all before. I feel like a caged bird in this relationship, it’s as though you’ve chained my one foot, with the cage door wide open. But I can’t go far…
Your Ex,

Dear Barbie
If my words can’t change your flawed perception of me, may you allow my actions to prove my worth? May you allow me to sing for you, like a bird? Please let me make you breakfast in bed.
May you let me make you breakfast at the end of a long day? Please let me be the one to listen to you complain about non-cooperative colleagues. Let me clip your toe-nails off. Would you allow me to run you hot bath, while you sip on Dry Red and listen to Maxwell and
Sade? You know I am that man that buys a box of chocolate and roses with no special occasion to celebrate. Barbie, allow me to watch stars with you, while we lie down in our garden.
Would you play in the rain with me while singing “Mankokosane Pula Ea Na?”
Let’s grow you together.
Let’s lose ourselves in each other.
Let’s fall in love.
Romeontically Yours,

Barbie: Sebabatso Monageng.
Ken: Nyakallo Lephoto

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