The Walking Dead

There’s a television series I used to like, called ‘The Walking Dead’. In a nutshell, this was about almost all the population in the world turning into zombies after a deadly virus sweeped across the world. These undead dead people would just wonder around restlessly until any sound, movement, sign of life trigger them into their devouring, bloodthirsty mode.

I did not quite understand why I loved watching that horror, and I knew it was not for the blood-spattering special effects or anything to that effect. It was only later I realised how close to reality this is, how close to our near future this hits.

It was not until I watched the movie ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt that my intuition began to be confirmed, maybe prematurely, that we are indeed seeing the zombie generation unfolding right before our eyes. Even in this movie, the same theme prevailed, people becoming bloodthirsty zombies, the undead dead annihilating whatever dares to live and survive.

And for those who survive, the struggle to stay alive become their daily manna. Surely you wondering by now where am I going with this. Well, my believe it or not, shoot the messenger if you may, but am to tell you about another form of virus that has infested our world, and is sweeping across the entire population, turning its victim into zombies, and this is unfolding right before our eyes – DRUGS!

When the infamous Colombian druglord, Pablo Escobar rose to prominence in the 80s, no one was ready for the monster him and his drug trade would become. By the time the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) together with the Colombian authorities woke up from their slumber, almost the whole world was snow-white with Colombian cocaine. A lot of people had already caught on to the wonder-drug either as dealers, or users.

A lot of high profile politicians, cops, and businesspeople were now already deep in the pockets of organised crime. This made the combating of drugs one of the most difficult challenges the authorities have ever faced. It is said that by the time cocaine hits the US market it is worth ten times more than its original price. So you imagine how rich Pablo Escobar was.

Today, you drive though the streets of Johannesburg, almost on every second corner you see ‘zombies’, high, or low on their drugged stupor, wondering aimless around, until their next craving triggers them into devouring mode. They will do anything to get their next fix. They will steal, rob, have sex, smash-and-grab to get another ‘high’.

In today’s world it’s even worse, with all the drugs to choos from, which are even made to be cheaper and affordable. The drug menu is diverse: you can go for CAT, or crystal-meth, or mandrax, or tik, or ecstacy, or liquigel, or for the BB or Chibuku of drugs, nyaope or wunga. Some are central nervous system(CNS) depressants, some are CNS activators. A person on cocaine can go 3 days or more without sleep, as long as that cocaine is still in the body, whereas a person on nyaope feels sleepy and passive. That is why these nyaope addicts can sleep while standing and if walking, can walk to nowhere, just in circles.

The danger herein lies in the affordability part of it. Nyaope is cheap, easily accessible, readily availabe in every street corner or dingy abandoned building.

There are parks I used to know when growing up which were beautiful parks you can take take your girlfriend to, and buy her ice-cream as you chilled on the bench talking about the future. There are buildings, areas that used to be ‘larny’ places. Hillbrow, Berea and Yeoville used to be uptown, suburban areas where students from Wits University, for instance, used to call their residence. Today, these places are shadows of their former shadows – ghostowns teeming with zombies loitering aimlessly around.

Every street corner, every traffic intersection, every park is polluted with drugged zombies looking for their next fix. In the Part ll of my exposition, we will talk about dealers, the drug underworld and drug enforcement. This should be more interesting. From this introduction, it is clear to me, I don’t know about you, that we are slowly, but surely becoming a zombie nation. As we speak, a zombie generation is unfolding right before our eyes. Be afraid, be very afraid!

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