Who is she…

They look in her eyes and see contentment, ecstasy, self-sufficiency… they see kindness and warmness.

She loves! she cares! oh her tenderness they feel from far. So they say

They look into her smaller nyana eyes and already you know she is a rare one. 

She is confident, driven, ambitious, independent and capable of doing anything. 

She is beautiful, so the say…

Life has been good to her; things always go her way, she has a child, she did not struggle to get a Job, and is very close to her family.

What more does she need? 

She really is lucky. So they say…

Question is do they know her? Have they even met her! her? Or do they just communicate with her outer surface; have they bothered to find out who she really is on the inside? 

What if she is a serial killer?! 

what if she is dying inside?! 

They do not really know her ? 

If only they knew that behind that beautiful smile awaits an enormous pail fill with tears.

Anxiety… anxious! Anxiety! Anxious anxious…

When you visit her heart you will see wounds, you will be chased by her loneliness, rage and sadness! 

Can you not see? Look yes she is happy but look at her properly… I see the beautiful smile 

That’s only on the outside!!! 

Do not show me her friends and how they love each other, do not tell me how close she is with her mother. Do not try making me think that she is 100% happy! I tell you… her heart yearns for love, for she has depict it to be free without its feelings, her soul is empty, her fortitude is down, her confidence level is still low. 

She might not understand what is going on with her… she needs a warm hug maybe, a kiss on the cheek… 

Just look at her…

They look into my small eyes and see joy, peace and happiness! IMAGE

That’s because they did not look for what is in the inside, but have been concentrating on what is on the outside.

She is happy yes… But they need to know that everything is not ohk. I

I am Margaret Dimakatso Khoza on facebook.

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