Day 11 – 91 Days of Gratitude

Day 11

This is me when I was 10 years old. When I was already dealing with a lot more than any child should. I think it was before I lost my mother. But after my stepfather and uncle had molested me. I think it was the time when I had a big gap between my two front teeth. It was a time when the highlight of my existence was at school. The time when I was most happiest in school.


Unlike a lot of people, school was always a safe haven for me.

I excelled in school

I was my most true self in school


This day 11 of gratitude I am dedicating to the little girl in the picture who even though she was carrying a lot on her little shoulders, managed to be one of the best learners around.


Also I would like to express my gratitude to the principal at Bordeaux Primary School then, Mr Shead and every single one of my teachers.


I was loved at that school even though they were very reluctant to take on a “case” like mine.


I was validated when I was asked to go and speak at one of the prize givings and I knew that I had made as big an impact on them as they had on me.


School was a place of joy.


Also I have to give gratitude to my late Mother who taught me from the word go that I need to let people know that I will NOT be a walk over.


The first time someone hit me at school and made me cry my mother told me to go back and hit him. Thereafter no one messed with me.


I bought myself many years of not being bullied, I think.


So today I am grateful that I got to go to BPS.


That place contributed so much to me.


And I will forever be grateful.





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