Day6- 91 Days of Gratitude


The Power of Thank You


I am someone who thrives in an environment where people show appreciation for the things that they are doing, whether it IS what they get paid for or not.


I have often cited how I will go to take a baby to the mom and I will say thank you and enjoy your baby, I will tell the staff in the postnatal ward thank you and I will tell the clerk who does our files thank you and I will tell the doctors with whom I work thank you and the list goes on, including my colleagues for doing something like turning my baby when needed or finding out why there is an alarm going off.


If you treat me well, not for any other reason but because you are that way inclined, I am always inclined to do something for you.

And it is small things that are, in my eyes, acts of kindness.


The pictures chosen to depict this are pictures that were taken last week Thursday when we had to say goodbye to what I have come to know as “TheFaves”… Those again who are paying attention to the things I ramble about may have seen why the Faves Are the faves.


So when it came to my attention that the Faves were leaving for their next stint at the next place, I knew that I could not let them leave without understanding the MAJOR impact that they had on my development as a nurse and more importantly as a person.


So my gratitude towards them could not be just words, they had to have some weight so that they have something tangible to remember that in the vast land that is CMJAH there is a small nook inside labour ward area where sunshine is the order of the day, which is Transitional Unit.

And that there are nurses there who love and appreciate all that they do in the fight to save lives.


Hence there was a thought out, planned event as tiny as the unit but with the intention of being big where it mattered.


Hence the mini Farewell that happened on Thursday.


I believe that Thank You is SUCH a powerful statement and that the more you have that attitude, the more doors open up for you. My life is the way that it is because I am a Thank You kind of Girl 😎😍🤩 #Day6




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