Day 5- 91 Days of Gratitude


Passionate Being


Not a single person who knows me doesn’t know how much I love love love being a nurse.

I often tell the story of how nursing was  never the dream when I was growing up, but helping people was.


I didn’t even like hospitals because they always represented so much illness and sadness.


But life has a funny way of working out.


I don’t earn much…

That’s a fact.


But by golly do I love what I do.


Even when it is all crappy and busy, somehow I still manage to find pieces of joy in all that mess.


I hug babies when either of us need it.


It’s a symbiotic relationship this thing.

When I am feeling down, I tend to meet babies that seem to need my kindness more than usual and so I end up giving the baby cuddles while they are separated from their mothers.


My passion doesn’t just end with what I do, I am also a generally passionate being… So I love hard, I laugh loud and I feel deeply.


Very little in my life is at that state of neither hot nor cold.


I love this about myself. And I am grateful to be this way.





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