Day 1- 91 Days of Gratitude

Day1: Moving Into My Own Place


I often take stock of my life because I am always in awe at how good it is to be Thandeka Jwaha-Hadebe Cavendish-Davies

What a mouthful neh…


I think I did tell the story of me moving back home after my lease at res was about to come to an end.


I didn’t want to be kicked out and so I moved within the first week of Jan.


I moved out of res and back home and the plan was that I would then be able to move into my own place as soon as possible.


I looked around for places including Winchester Hills but in the end the North holds too much of myself in it for me to leave it behind.


So I found this wonderful place that I moved into and I was so happy about it.


I love how spacious it is and how quiet it is and how safe I feel in it (as safe as one can feel when living in a country such as ours) I am constantly weary when I come home because being a black womxn is an extreme sport but we try to appear as strong as possible.


Anyways, this place I fell in love with it and I moved in and I have never looked back since.


I love that it is ten minutes away from mom and Nicholas.


And I get a lot of my stuff in the area around home.


So moving into my own place is definitely something I am grateful for. I love the peace in my soul that exists as a result of this move.



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