Agony Aunt: Squeeza #2

Dear Squeeza,

I met a very lovely guy, he told me he has a girlfriend and I agreed to be with him as long as he doesn’t make me feel like “The Other Woman”.

We were all good at first, but now he is waaaay too possessive for my liking. Doesn’t even want me to have male friends.


Dear Doubtful,

No Hun… You ARE the other woman. No matter how you look at it and how you feel, and you still went ahead with the relationship.

Guys who have “mains” will always be possessive. You have a choice to live with or change it.

Dear Squeeza,

Dating the man of my dreams, but yhuuuuuuu insecurities. I am always reassuring him that I love him, but he always insists I am in love with my exes or finds something else to start a fight with. Sizani bo!


Dear Smitten,

Ever tried finding out what makes him feel insecure? It could be deep-rooted. As long as you know that there’s no reason he should be insecure… Keep reassuring him, it’s cute!

Dear Squeeza,

My boyfriend broke up with me eight months ago, I just can’t get over him. Help Me.


Dear Shattered,

Askies… It takes time to heal a broken heart and when you eventually get over him it will be over.

Delete everything of him; number, pictures. EVERYTHING

Dear Squeeza,

I have a very abusive father and recently met a guy I love. It took me a while to trust him, but eventually I opened up to how my father treats me and my mother. And suddenly he treats me the same way my father does. How do I make it stop?


Dear Disappointed,

Walk away! Abuse is not cool, you might find yourself in a more dangerous situation. He doesn’t appreciate you, cut your losses.

Dear Squeeza,

Just bought a car, now my parents dont want to take a taxi anywhere.

I have stopped living my life and am driving them around to malls, friends’ houses, church, town.

And guess who pays for petrol when it runs out?


Dear WalkedOn,

You need to stop this right now before it gets way too uncontrollable.

Yes it’s nice for them not to take a taxi sometimes, but you need to stop this.

They have made your gains in life about them, it is high-key abusive behaviour and downright entitlement.

Petrol is expensive, make them aware.

Dear Squeeza,

I live with my boyfriend and we just had a baby. I obviously went back home to give birth, but I am back at the flat now.

Problem is that he goes out partying all night and leaves me with the baby. I have tried talking to him but he doesn’t change.


Dear Distressed,

MEN, special breed I tell you! Take care of yourself and the baby because you can’t baby him too. Tell him how you feel in a way that’s not nagging but factual or get a nanny so that you can live your life too

Dear Squeeza,

Met this wonderful lady, we click and stuff, but my friends keep teasing me about just how big she is.

Everytime I am in public with her I see people staring, it’s making me uncomfortable.


Dear Edgy,

Why? Do you have a problem with her being big? Why should you let your friends discomfort dictate whether you should be with the lady because of her weight?

If she’s comfortable with her own body why does it bother you or anyone?

It seem like you’re expressing your own prejudice in other people’s eyes. focus on the relationship and not her weight.

Dear Squeeza,

Met a guy online, and I fell in love with him :-). But when we met in person I lost interest within an hour.

He is good on the phone and online, am I being selfish if I only just wanna interact with him online?



Don’t be ashamed, it happens.

Be honest with him. you don’t want to lead him to nowhere maybe he can find someone who likes him that way.

Dear Squeeza,

Just recently got out of work and my girl sort of acted strangely. Not surprising really.

I then met a new woman who is also unemployed. We are kinda cool, but she keeps saying she thought I was employed. Think we will last?


Stop Wondering,

You’re not solving your problem, you’re deflecting!

You want to be comfortable with someone because you’re in the same situation.

Focus your energy on getting another job!

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