Agony Aunt: Squeeza #1

Dear Squeeza,

My boyfriend is always reminding me of our religious differences and that will breakup even though we love each other so much. Am I wasting my time or should I go with the flow?


Dear Puzzled,

Religion should not be a factor here, what is so different about your religion that your boyfriend feels the need to remind you?

Some guys take it so serious that it’s a deciding factor whether they want to be with you long term or not. Your boyfriend must explain and make you understand why he feels that different religions should be a problem…

I know of a couple where the guy Muslim and lady goes to ZCC and it’s not an issue. What’s religion got to do with anything?

Deat Squeeza,

Been friends with this lady for so long, I have developed romantic feelings for her. A part of me believes she is also into me. The way she looks at me sometimes. I don’t wanna ruin that. But also I am afraid of rejection just in case I misread her signals.


Dear fearful,

Tell her you you’re in love with her, when you eventually find the courage to. Leave a little room for disappointment
All the best, I hope she feels the way too.

Dear Squeeza,

My cousin has been on my case that he wants me to be his second wife. He says it to everyone and It’s uncomfortable because it just might affect the good relationship I have with his wife.

Cousin in Destress

Dear Cousin in Destress,

Do you want to be his 2nd wife? If not why don’t you tell him to stop telling people something that can be damaging to his marriage?

Dear Squeeza,

My in-laws control everything in my marriage. They ask for large sums of money from my husband with no care what priorities we have in the house. How do I politely tell them to stop interfering?

New Makoti

Dear New Makoti,

In-laws can be a challenge if boundaries are not set… Your in-laws don’t respect you and your husband needs to put his family in their place.

Let me ask this – Did your husband take care of his family before you got married? Was he always “controlled” by his family? Did it bother you then? If not why now?

You need to talk to your husband and tell him how you feel and allow him to deal with his family!

Dear Squeeza,

I’m so sick and tired of going in and out of relationships. Like, why don’t we live in a country with arranged marriages?


Dear Gatvol,

Why do you think arranged marriages are perfect? There’s no marriage that is perfect. It takes hard work and commitment on both husband and wife to make it work. When you say you go in and out of relationships what does that mean?

You need to know yourself to know what you want in a relationship and make it clear from the start.

Dear Skwi,

Can too much masturbating cause a heart attack?


Dear Cerebos,

I don’t think so. Just for interest sake what is ‘too much’? But you can see a medical doctor to confirm.

Dear Squeeza,

I was dating this other guy,I’m really in love with him but we never broke up and we neither call each other nor meet. So, what do I do?


Dear Confused,

You were dating him but was he dating you? The fact that you don’t meet, talk nor call each other is more telling. There’s nothing there sis… Move on!

Dear SQZ,

My boyfriend and I broke up after 6 months. The break-up caused a lot of heartache. Now we are back together but I can’t seem to forgive him for what he did.

It’s not so much mistrust as it is hatred I feel for him.


Dear MAD,

Why would you go back to something that hurts you? You can’t love someone you won’t or can’t forgive. Neither can you be with someone you hate.

Maybe deal with the hurt feelings before getting back together. Do you know what you want in a relationship or from the boyfriend? Does he know what he wants from you?

Dear Squeeza

I’m a Guy in my late thirties, my problem is that my girlfriend doesn’t reach an orgasm. We try and change all sexual position and I just can’t her cume. Please advice.

Kind Regards,

Dear Desperate,

Have you tried talking to her about it? Try to ask her how she really feels about sex and how and what she want her sex life to be like. Is she aware of her sexual needs? maybe allow her to show you how she wants it.

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