The Idiot’s Manifesto

Advocating for the importance of idiots in this anti-fools world.The world is anti-idiots. They might pretend all they like by calling us with evil euphemisms like: down syndrome, slow learners or other shit like that. We see through their concealed and judgemental laughs.

They make intelligent jests about us. Others, who are blatant to use euphemisms tease us using hurting words like: s’phokgophokgo, bhari, senonnori, gashwi, moegoe, domkop, setlala, imbecile, fool, stupid and expressions such as: jy is toe my broe or o robetse laaity and the one I detest most; you’re mentally blind. They (the smart ones) say we idiots are self-destructive but statistics clearly reveals how they are the ones ought to demise from distress, heart-attacks and other mentally related causes of death. So my question is; what’s worth is intelligence when its holders decease prematurely?Idiots live long.

Our long lifespans are full of bliss that’s bestowed unto us by our ignorance.I champion for the rights of idiots!I represent all the idiots all over the world!Idiots have the right to life, to existence and appropriation into the society with all the equality and respect they deserve by the virtue of being fully-fetched humans.Make safe-space for us within these communities. Our energies are concentrated in our hands instead of brains and that’s reflective through our hard-labour that’s 80% of tangible work done by humans. These infrastructures are our sweat and hours of effort put. We built these roads, dams, factories, machineries whilst our smarty pants counterparts leisure in air-conditioned offices writing on papers and calling it work. Which paper has ever built shit? Even those offices, chairs, and fabrics making their suits are fruits of our toil.

I heard one intelligent saying technology will replace us; well I have news for him: technology will never be a new idiot that’s going to substitute us.We are also God’s extensions and God has an idiotic aspect, otherwise how do you explain our nature? We idiots are an intelligent design unto ourselves. Idiocy is not absence of wisdom or knowledge; it is a misguided  (according to intellectsia jargonry) knowledge which is concentrated elsewhere.

I laugh myself to a near death experience when they keep on upgrading (proving the fallacy of) their intelligence(s) every now and then because I know in my heart that we idiots never differ and remain the same throughout our successive generations. To them it’s like one intelligent motherfucker is born and if he manages to shake the whole centuries of knowledge, writing books that disproves them to be false, they (so-called smarts) abandon their trusted paradigms in order to follow his.

Their intelligence needs upgrading, making one question it. Intelligent species always argue with one another, through debates, dissertations, online bloodless conflicts and discreetly envy one another. They are in this seemingly unending ego-trip of competing with one another and battle their shadowy knowledge out. We idiots live peacefully amongst ourselves. Only us idiots has the capacity to love.

Where have you ever seen two intelligent people celebrating 20 years of relationship anniversary?Just like the mad society — we are totally misapprehended.When we idiots commit crime we do it in a small scale, like I might rob you and your whole family but these intelligents can rob the whole race, they can annihilate the whole populace of a particular ethnicity, put millions into slavery, concentration camps, mass suicides etc — we idiots don’t kill in large numbers.

They say we fools are almost animalistic due to our “small brains”. We don’t steal wearing suits and smiles and then afterwards justify it by the use of a rule book called constitution. These smart ones justify their crimes via biased courts, why is there a court there in a first place? A murderer is a murderer, why must he defend himself when culpability is evident through blood in his hands? That’s more animalistic to me and sheer fucken hypocrisy. We are not them. We are not anti-social nor introverted nor trying to solve intricated maths problems with our short time on earth.

Problems unrelated to us. We know life is too  short therefore we choose to enjoy it by drinking, smoking and casual coitus. Intelligent people are a bore! They know we’re mortal beings but they take life way too damn serious. They fabricate problems and waste their precious lives trying to solve the same problems.

Chasing shadows? We are more humanly than them. They create institutions like universities that denies us idiots entry. That’s subtle and subliminal segregation if you ask me.

I can state ample reasons of why I advocate for idiotism. To say but a few:(1) Idiots live long, (2) are physically strong, (3) constantly happy and that generates good vibes for good health and positive karma, (4) they don’t dictate life therefore life don’t retribute them, (5) and have you ever heard of “fortune favours fools”? Yes, we are lucky bastards.We idiots don’t suffer from effects of overthinking like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and exaggerated phobias.

Intellectuals always try to analyse the world invented by a gigantic God’s brain with their small capacitated brains and complain when their central-processing-unit crash in form of headaches that leads to suicides. Nobody understands intellects. We don’t care to analyse, study, miscontrue, try to know or understand the mechanism of life. We only gaze and appreciate.

Idiots are not manipulative and deceptive. We are so stupid we hardly memorise grudges. We are good people. We manifest in forms of Blacks, Whites, young, old, whatever.We idiots don’t have mental means of reasoning messiahs into life. Religion is a wiseman’s fatal game. We are species of indulgence and leisure. We don’t care about tomorrow. They say it takes an idiot to attain money but a wiseman to spend it, but what will happen of we only circulate that money amongst us, strictly fools?

I am Ramasana Mojolwane on Facebook

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