Book Review: I’m A Different Mess Than I Was Yesterday by Msizi E. Nkosi

Reading the title of this book I realised that Msizi acknowledges that he is a mess but daily he is working towards being a better person. That is why it is said “life is a journey as it is a continuous road we travel on that has challenges, lessons and not forgetting our achievements”. He has been through a lot but he soldiers on and does remarkable work in his field.

Msizi is a talented content producer who shares his pain, suffering in hospital, his struggles to get a break in the industry as well as his battle with alcohol, drugs and women.
Msizi shared things that a person would only share with close relatives, friends or even a therapist. He held back nothing. As I read this book I felt like I am reading his journal and at some points I felt like he is talking to me and sharing his experiences. This confessional memoir is written in such a way that it also inspires you.

I loved the way he wrote about his work. I could feel the passion he has for it. He is really able to paint pictures as he describes his experiences. After all he is a creative person so he has a way with his words. I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter and how appropriate the titles of each chapter were.

I would recommend this book to anyone who would love to be inspired by a man who shares how he got through his challenges and what kept him going.

This book will have you thinking and reflecting about your own life. At times we think we are going through the most until we find out what people are actually going through. We are then reminded that we all have our own different battles to fight but it is the attitude that we have towards them that helps us get through them. Msizi did exactly that and had a support structure. His family and friends were there for him.

This book reminds me of a book by Iyanla Vanzant titled Yesterday I Cried. It is a self-help book that takes you on a journey with Rhonda throughout all her experiences in life from when she was a child until she reaches adulthood. It is written in such a way that you also get sucked into the experiences she comes across and it makes you also reflect on the lessons you learn, have learnt and continue to learn. As long as we are living, we learn all the time.

There is nothing I do not like about the book.
Out of ten I rate the book I’m A Different Mess Than I was Yesterday a ten as it was well written with use of metaphors and other figures of speech that made be able to relate to it and understand what the author was writing about.

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