Magic Waters

Her torn clothes exposed her nipples. Naked she was, in front of the world. Ashamed of her bare state, she couldn’t maintain eye-contact. She was clearly embarrassed to be seen in that state. Though she was a proportionally built woman with a firm body, she didn’t find her nudity sexy. Her cracked lips and battered skin told a story of treacherous roads she had traveled. Troubles of her bruising past had worn her out. She was so dehydrated, even her tongue was dry. A state that impaired her speech. She was thirsty and desperate for water. For the sake of her life, she needed a drink.

He too wore torn clothes that exposed his manhood but he walked like it didn’t bother him. So comfortable and confident he was with himself, he looked people straight in the eye when communicating. He paid so much attention he looked to be zooming into the pupils inside people’s eyes, as though he could see into their souls. He was attentive, yet the torn clothes he wore exposed his manhood. He walked like his nudity was sexy, but it couldn’t be any farther. His skin was silky smooth and his lips hydrated, for he carried a bottle of magic water. He kept taking sips off it as he listened to all who spoke to him. He never spoke much, but people enjoyed his company. All he had was that magic water that kept his skin glowing.

Stumbling upon her words and struggling to get her voice out, she asked for a sip of his magic water. With a smile, he duly obliged. Miraculously, her skin was instantly re hydrated.

Her cracked lips moistened and her once dry skin glowed. Her tongue loosened up and speech returned. Her beauty shone and confidence returned. She was now comfortable to maintain eye-contact. Her torn clothes still exposed her nipples. Even though her beauty resembled the stars in the night sky, she was never comfortable. Though she was more beautiful than the orange and yellow rays of the rising sun, she was never fulfilled. Unlike him, her nudity bothered her. He asked her to stay with him, but she couldn’t for he wore the same torn clothes as her. She left him behind, in search of a cloth to cover her nudity. In spite of his repeated pleas to stay with him, she left and followed a man who wore silk robes.

The man with silk robe gave her one of his finest, especially imported from Syria. She smiled, yet the moisture on her lips had weathered. The magic water’s effect works only for a short space of time. Though it never runs out, one has to continuously take sips of it to remain moisturised. She was clothed, yet her skin was cracking. The man with silk robe had a gravelly voice. Doctors said it was due to a deteriorating state of his internal organs. Many gossiped he suffered from Soul Decay. He would temporarily regain the voice, every time he took his robes off. That seldom happened so much he never noticed. Though his skin was generally in good condition, the magic water would have the same effect on his voice and internal organs as it has on the man with torn clothes’ skin. He knew that.

The lady’s skin condition was fast deteriorating to levels worse than experienced before. She came to a realisation that she needed the magic water. She went back to the man with torn clothes and glowing skin and demanded the whole bottle. He told her he could only give her a sip, but even then she had to take off the silk robe she was wearing and promise to walk with him. She refused to take the robe off but begged him to have a sip. He wouldn’t budge. Told her she couldn’t have it both ways. It was either the sip that would rejuvenate her skin to glow like sunrays or the robe that hid her nudity from the world. She chose the robe.

Upon return to the man with silk robes, she told him of the man with torn clothes but had magic water that could help both of them with their conditions. For the man with silk robes, the magic water would renew his internal state. For her, it would rejuvenate her external state as it once did and restored her impeccable beauty. They had a Eureka moment.

She went back to the man with magic water and smiled at him. He looked straight into her eyes and saw through her nervousness. She swayed her well crafted hips gently from side to side as she took off her silk robe exposing her cracked skin.
“A sip is all I need and I am all yours”
Overwhelmed by temptation, he duly obliged. Instantly, she transformed into a beauty on witnessed in fairytales. She kissed him, but instead of experiencing Nirvana that lied on her lips, blood came out his mouth. A dagger had been stuck on his back, resulting in internal bleeding. He met his end, courtesy of a conspiracy between a man and a woman in search of his magic water. The bottle fell to the ground and disappeared into thin air. The magic water was his and could only be used by him on himself and whoever he chose to let have a sip.

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