Chinese Sweat Shop How the ANC manufactures Black

If we as a country would be able to establish a Chinese sweat shop that manufactures blacks, who would be able gain a wealth status from that? Would it be the anc and government or the Chinese?

More than 50 decades ago, around 1910, whites formed what we now call South Africa. South Africa would then be an organizational structure that would administer all that dwells with in it in accordance and rule of the minority.

With the minority status in mind whites knew that in order for them to have their right of way the majority had to be excluded from the administration of South Africa.

So they classified everyone and made sure that non-whites would not be able to take part in all democratic processes in the land.

Today in the Republic of South Africa you have the system reversed. The ANC now needs everyone to be non-white, black, so that they can benefit from all the support that they need. In the ANC’s abuse of power quest the ANC now needs everyone, coloured/Indian/Chinese, to be black. If they can have all ethnic groups classified as blacks, then more votes and support they are likely to get.

Imagine the Psychological effect it would leave on Indians if they would not be classified as blacks, chances are indeed that they would distort away from the anc. The same fate can be experienced when it comes to coloured’s that are also known as black.

During the Apartheid years Indians and coloured were seen as second, glorified assistants, to those in control of the administration, whites.

Today in the Republic of South Africa Indians and coloured are seen as second to those in control of the administration, blacks.

For the mere fact that these two ethnic groups, Indians and coloured, are playing a similar role during both era’s of rule, black and white rule, one should logically detect that there’s something wrong.

How can these two groups be in a similar position while we know that post and pre 1994 were two very big contradictions. It’s not just the ANC that benefits from the classification or votes, the Indians and coloured are benefiting extensively as well through our many policies, BEE/Affirmative action/employment equity.

During white rule, whites were the dictators and judicators of who can be South African. Indians were denied the liberty to be official citizens of this country until one Gandhi tabled a brilliant plan; that of Indians to assist whites in their program to gain control of blacks and their lands during the wars in Natal.

The globally great Gandhi’s plan was that the Indians would be the ones who would take care of the injured and starving white soldiers and generals while at war in the BUNDUS against the Zulus. So not only did whites have the “de luxe” of armor, they now had first aid as well, topped off with spiced nutritional care.

Whites could not resist this presentation, generous offer, from Gandhi and negotiations were concluded with Indians being finally granted South African citizenship at the cost of the many blacks, Zulus, who fell in the bush at the hands of the white bullet.

Coloured played a similar role. Whereas the Indians assisted at war, coloured’s did so at the workplace. Martin Luther King’s “house niggers” were represented by coloured’s here in South Africa where the coloured would watch and report every black persons wrong move, being at liberty to give out instructions for the white man, get all the left over’s and old clothes.

Today the coloured is still playing the role of the “house nigger”. In Cape Town every senior position is either in the white or colored’s position, you as the black still come far behind the colored. If it’s not the colored then it will certainly be the Indian that will be recommended ahead of the black.

We should do away with the current abuse and treachery of ethnic classifications. With all this history and present events we as blacks should now be clear on our position: that there can only be one black, and that’s black. None in-between, similar or close to. If it’s not black then it will be labeled Indian, Coloured, or White.

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