Black Pride

There is nothing I wish to rectify

I love being black like I love my high

If you are a witness please testify

I swear this my soul satisfy

The Lord is me shepard, on his mercy I rely

Amazing grace, so close to true-lies

A lion in this jungle my roar terrifies

Always come back like a repeat as if I never run out of rhymes

I touch your soul like a book of hymns

I’m just a ‘coal stone’ rolling with the times

“I love you”, they weep, but MaZwai26 cries

I don’t step I stride as if I took ‘Johnny’ for a walk

I am loaded with words like prepaid talk

When the fire burns them I will remain solid as rock

Like a bird in the sky this system I mock

Time is of the essence,well not on my clock

Lost in in space, so lonely light years turned dark, I got no place to dock

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