Awakening Cognitions

Head above the clouds
Lost and found
in celestial playgrounds
I’m on a natural high
beaming with a smile
Colour me blue
the feeling is so… true
It’s all within’ ,freedom reigns supreme
And I’m peddling up against the stream
in this river of lost dreams
Dead fishes go, with the flow
What’s your ultimate goal ?
is it worth dying for ?
First I . . .went to war
with my very own self
Before I found it’s true essence
Hidden treasures in my chest, join this adventure
Come into my life I have so much to give ,(all in nature)
For this love . ,I lost my mind
While I was following my heart
Should I leave it all behind ?
Or should I get back to the start
Cupid must be stupid
a bow long bent grows weak
Well . . .love is more like a blame
You hardly put it next to your name
But quick to everyone else . .
Hope I’m not too involved with my self

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